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My pineal gland is enlarging everysecond

My pineal gland never burn

My pineal gland allow me to dream much more than anyone else

My sacred space is sealed

None can control me

Every time someone try to control me and my dream It is electrocuted at instant

I expande my sacred space every breat i take

My sacred space is expanding every second.in every situation

None can stole my crown

Im always in control of my dream life

Every single secon i become more aware that i am in a lucid dream

I can retain my semen endlessly

People knows that they cant control me

I release the need to move my Consciousness outside of my body

I always stay in my Heart Cosmic Center

I focus my attention in the middle of my eyebrows and my sixt chackra

I never get out my energy and attention from myself

I experience my higer self every moment

My superior self is integrated inside of me

None can take my energy

My crown and my pineal gland are perfectly functioning

I never tremble

Im more grounded than anyone else

My connection with mother Earth is increasing every second and every day

I focus all my energy in my Tan Tien

I focus all my attention in my sacral chakra

All my chakras are clean and open

All my chakras become more powerfull every second

All my endocrine glands work at a perfecet state

My spiritual and material bodies are perfectly integrated

I store my ki energy inside of my self and i never loose my energies

I harness the power of Chi

I control Chi energy like a master

I have now activate all the potential of the uman being

I have integrate on myself the knowledge of the metatron cube

I have rich the Brahman conciusness

I have obtained the God conciusnes

I have now the Tenlessness

I am the Creator of my Reality

I never give my attention outside of my being

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Your Senses are extremely accurate Your sensory abilities are superhuman Your subconscious mind absorbs these subliminal messages your subconscious makes these subliminal messages your reality You now have Increased perceptions Your Awareness is Dramatically Increasing You posess extremely accute senses You are rapidly becoming Super Perceptive All of your Senses are Dramatically Increasing You have super enhanced senses You have super human eyesight Your eye sight is dramatically improving You have super human hearing your hearing is dramatically improving You now have a super human sense of touch and feeling Your sense of touch is dramtically increasing your have super hearing your hearing is dramatically improving you have a super accurate sense of taste your sense of taste is super human your sense of taste is dramatically increasing You posess a super natural sense of Balance your sense of balance is rapidly increasing your sense of balance is extremely well-developed You have a super sensory system You can sense the smallest and finest details Your sensory system is extremely healthy You are highly perceptive You comfortably attuned to your super senses You are rapidly becoming more perceptive and aware Your mind and body is now making you comfortable with your senses You can easily sense all forms of energy you can perceive and sense all forms of energy

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