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Master Pickup Artist

Max Power

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I am a master pickup artist.

I am one of the greatest pickup artists in the world.

Every female I approach is open to me and hooked quickly.

Every group of females is open to me and hooked quickly.

I naturally convey godlike charisma and irresistible charm to females.

Females feel incredibly good when I talk to them.

I very clearly notice and understand the body language and indicators of interest of females.

I effortlessly out-alpha every guy in a group ad they follow and admire me.

I am an expert of female psychology.

Every female I approach gives me her contact details.

I feel confident, happy and relaxed when I pick up females.

I am good at making threesomes happen and have them often.

I am every female´s dream and desire.

All men see me as their leader.

I have the highest survival and replication value in history.

My male essence awakens the sexual personality parts of females in my presence.

Females see the fulfillment of their desires in my eyes.

Females worship and desire me.

I do the Mystery Method naturally.

I have complete conscious control over the sexual energies of females and I use it for my and their pleasure.

I have thousands of affairs and girlfriends.

I am higher value than any female.

I do Speed Seduction naturally.

Nines and tens love me and are addicted to me.

Females see being with me as the fulfillment of their destiny.

I am the most desirable male in every ituation.

I always know wat to do in a pickup.

I am extremely confident, funny, charming and seductive when I communicate with females.

Females need me.

I easily make females squirt.

I am a master of psychic and shamanic love making techniques.

I am a sex expert.

I am one of the greatest seduction artists who have ever lived.

I have hundreds of girlfrinds at the same time.

I am a god and master of sex.

Every female I talk to wants to bear my children.

I have many great affairs. 

Females do anything to please me.

My touch feels like bliss to women and girls.

I help women overcome last minute resistance quicky and easily.

My foreplay feels like paradise to females.

I connect with females at the deepest parts of teir soul and psyche.

Females love being intimate with me.

I give females the best orgasms in history.

Females feel like I am their soul mate.


And the same affirmations with the "you"-prefix please. Thank you very much.






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