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infinite protection from gossip, bad intentions, envy and conspiracy


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Hey George:  Your audios really work.  In my life they have been very important in all the good things happening. However, the success usually do not come alone.  Beside it there are always people that feels a profound envy.  They start gossiping and telling stories that are not true.  Besides, they try to blame me for acheiving what they are not worked for.  Usually the gossip lead to bad intentions, envy and conspiracy.  I think it is really necesary to be protected from it.  It would be nice to make the people who build the gossip not able to tell it.  Something like having a mental barrier to even think bad things about me. There are others that really enjoy bringing and transforming information about other people and in the way they are adding more lies.  This is the way the bullyng and mobbing use to work, mocking about someone until they break the will of people.  I also would like to have an audio that makes me forget about others, in other words, not gossiping about anybody.


I am protected from gossip

I have a mirror defense on gossip

People that pretend to gossip about me never can do it

There is  zero envy about me in society

People can never feel envy about me

People of the opposite sex can only feel desire, love, and happiness about me

People who pretend to complot against me are always discovered and captured by justice

People recognize my capacities and feel defeated before pretending to compete against me

No one can control or monitor me in social media

Any file that is intercepted with bad intentions is always broken or invisible for does who want to attack me

I express my sexuality in any way and nobody and never rejects me

Nobody blames me for nothing, people always see my actions as the best

There is not religion, cult, government, person, people that blames me for anything

Everything I do is always seen as the best, everything

God always protects me from bullies, mobbing and any kind of strategy to harm me.

I am invisible for any person who want to use me, attack me or gossip about me

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Lol i could add to this one


My mind is now projecting a field of white light around my body at all times.


I am now shielded by a field of white light that shields me from all negative thought forms.


I am now repelling all forms of negitive thought forms.


I am now transmuting all negitive thought forms into golden energy of unconditional love and returning it back to the sender with pure intentions of creating global harmony.


I am now letting go of all negitive thought forms that cause illness to me and those around me.


My field of white light is getting stronger everyday.


I am now letting go of any attachment to any negative thought forms.

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Also...last instructions could be: Angels protect me and my property from any bunch of people or gang.


All my property body and family is safe, from any accident or other kind of attack.  


I am safe from bullets, knifes, machines or other kind of harm


When someone wants to harm or abuse me or my family is instantly defeated


I am always safe from punks, radicals, extremists or other kind of violent people


I am always safe from people who want to abuse from force to take my place in paying lines or traffic

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