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Interesting Question For George

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Hi George,

is it possible that when using brain training technique's (like Pseudo telekinesis) and similar that are inside the book that for a certain time your memory gets worse because for a couple of days my memory has been bad. Is it because of the subliminals like Master_16


is it normal as your brain is getting more flexible and you are getting more intelligent ?

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Although the brain is much different than a muscle, it's helpful to think of it as one. The path from weak to strong is not a perfectly linear path. When you get stronger muscles you necessarily have to literally break down muscle fiber to regrow stronger fiber. When increasing brain capacity, you're not breaking anything down, but you ARE building new neural pathways, and the more you build, the more time it's going to take to "reconfigure" the new pathways, or reroute regular brain signals, etc.


It's postulated that this is one of the reasons we dream every night, the brain is going through a nightly "disk defrag" process.


So, yea, it's normal and expected to feel weaker, memory wise and thinking wise, along the path of increasing intelligence.


It also is possible to overdo it, just like when exercising physical muscles. Your brain DOES need some daily down time, aside from sleep.

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