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Subliminals (from intelligence accelerator) are very long / sleeping


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Think if it like jogging. Jogging for an hour would give your body a better workout then jogging for ten minutes. Do you HAVE to job for an hour every day to get shape? Nope.


Jogging every day for ten minutes is a lot easier. Pretty soon it may be too easy, and you'd want to increase to fifteen minutes, etc.


Entirely up to you. So long as you're doing SOMETHING every day towards mental self development, you'll get results.

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That's a great idea!  

I love that IA program too but am currently working on a different George Hutton one.  Some of the tracks on that are long too. I listened to one for 20 mins two days in a row now & I LOVE the idea of gradually increasing listening times.  Working up to it.  George, once again, let me say (I don't mean to sound butt-kissy but come on, the man ROCKS!) your programs are awesome.  There's such a lot of content in them and you cover a lot of ground. Thank you yet again. 

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