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Is it safe to listen to more than one sublimnals?

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I listen to a bunch of sublimnals on a loop on my playlist every night since Tuesday, but I'm not sure if it's safe and also I'm not sure if I get the effects( so far I haven't seen much effects at all), so I'm just wondering if the affirmations are getting into my subconscious or not!

I listen the the affirmations at night without headphones on a loop and I listen to 30 sublimnals for 6-8 hours.

Thank you for your response

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Lol, the Subconscious mind has alot conditionings and programs running in the background, it may take sometime to rewire the thought forms in your mind. Within time it will work , however thought forms are linked to each other. I kind of vision the individuals consciousness in layers within layers. At first their is the basic first (programing or conditioning) teachings when were little. Such as reacting and responding @to the physical world.(varying on our environment) Then would be another set of conditionings of emotions and what to feel when a situation occurs. Then would be another set of conditionings of how our mental state would be such as beliefs and what we can or can't do. Then their would be another state of conditioning which would consist of various psychological conditionings. All these sets of programming,conditionings sum up to what is called conscious engineering. As we get older their would be these programs running in the background of our subconscious and superconscious mind. Thought forms link to thought forms which ties itself to emotions, memories and experiences. Subliminals aid in the processes to reconfigure the thought forms and sets of conditionings. I used to Listen to over 10 subliminals in a playlist, however i noticed my mind sometimes had a hard time reconfiguring itself while i was at work. My suggestion is if you are looking for a faster way of aiming the subliminals into your inner mind or the subconscious mind at a percise rate , i would use audipo for android mobile-google play store (using the trail pro version) or audacity/audicity for Windows to speed up the 30 minute recording into a 15 minute recording. This will type of style will bypass your conscious mind and go directly to your inner mind or subconscious mind. Sometimes on advertisement on t.v. or radios a spokes person selling thier product would fast forward some of their statements at the end of the product. That kind of style is used to bypass the critical or cognitive part of your consciousness so you will not question it, it's a smart style yet deadly when it comes to certain medical drugs. It's like putting very small printed letters on a contract when the sales person knows your not going to pay attention to it. The objective is to completely bypass all analytical parts of your mind that filters things through and reconfigure the area's we desire for change. It is possible and can be done ???? fast forwarding the recordings into 15 mins can make the processes faster, however their has to be some conscious part on your side as well ???? i hope this can help and wish you the best on the great change within ????

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