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an video for better art skills, drawing, sketching, painting on etc

Here are the affirmations feel free to change them or add anything George


You are a natural artist

you have a natural flare for artistic creativity

you love expressing yourself creatively

you easily interpret what you see and recreate it on paper

you effortlessly interpret and recreate scenes artistically

you interpret and think with creative passion

you enjoy and love creating art

you have creative and artistic mind

you create unique pieces of art

your imagination and creativity are limitless

you always have new creative ideas

you artistic talent increases daily

your mind develops artistic talent forever

you are a natural born painter and artist

you can draw anything,anytime,anywhere

you are brilliant with colors

you are a unique painter

You easily master all artis tic style

you easily turn your visions into paintings

your art is inspiring

there is a direct connection between your mind and your canvas

you easily and precisely paint your thoughts

you easily and effortlessly paint anything you observe

you are a natural born painter

your artistic skills are growing stronger

you can touch people's souls with the power of your art

you are starting to see the artistic potential in everyday occurrences

people are amazed at your art

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