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Become a Copycat/ Mindsets, skills, personalities,etc.

Guest kujo

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I can mimic anyone perfectly

I can mimic the intellect of scientist

I can mimic the persuasiveness of politicians

I can impersonate voices easily

I learn things from people quickly

I can make people think i'm the actual person

I intuitively understand someone's secret to success

I can easily learn anything from anybody

I easily copy entrepreneurs and become rich

I can copy a skill just by watching it once

I am a master copycat

I am a copycat genius

I instantly understand how someone does something

I intuitively copy people's skills

I can mimic facial expressions  with ease

I can mimic body language with ease

I intuitively know how something is done, just by watching it once.

I can mimic people's mindsets easily

I can mimic people's personalities

I can mimic talents

I can mimic geniuses

I intuitively understand people and how to copy them.

I master languages immediately just by listening to people

I intuitively understand how someone attans their des




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I can intuitively understand how someone attains their desired resultsarrow-10x10.png.

I can quickly learn trades by watching people

I use my mimic ability to achieve my goals

I adapt to situations easily

I gain wisdom and knowledge easily

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