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Man's ultimate fantasy

Guest Kei

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You live in a big luxurious house

You now have a vast fortune

You are now becoming richer

You have big stacks of $100

Your kitchen is full of tasty food

Your harem of women orders you pizza.

Your fridge is full of meat, alcohol, and snacks

You always eat like a king

You have a vast harem of sexy girls

You get to party as much as you want

Your Beautiful servants fulfill your every desire

You get to have sex anytime you want

You enjoy every single day

You have an awesome game room

You have every game you want

Everyday you bathe with sexy girls

Everynight your bed is full of horny girls

Everynight beautiful women line up to fuck you

Dream girls serve you

Gorgeous women take care of you

Beautiful girls give you everything you want

Beautiful girls pleasure you to the fullest

You are grateful for you awesome life.

You have a huge libido

Beautiful girls massage you whenever you like



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