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Hi, George! It would be very nice to make an audio about being better than any famous comedian and seducing women with sense of humor. You could use phrases like:


- I'm the funniest person on the world

- All my jokes are incredible

- I'm funnier than Don Rickles

- Im funnier than Joan Rivers

- I'm funnier than David Letterman

- I'm funnier than Robbin Williams

- I'm funnier than the funniest comedian alive

- Women love my sense of humor

- Men admire my sense of humor

- Men respect me for my sense of humor

- Women love me because of my sense of humor

- My jokes make people wet them pants

- My delivery is perfect

- My mind produce superfunny jokes

- I never get thought with great limes

- I'm funnier than Carson, Leno and Kimmel together

-Everybody love and respect me because of my sense of humor

- I make people lives better with my incredible jokes

- etc

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