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Easy Life video really helpful with work and love life!


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Well, I didn't really want to be the first one, but maybe if someone starts, others will join in?

I've been using various videos here and I have had some cool things happen but I'm going to start by sharing my success stories on two to begin with and later on I will tell you what has happened so far with some of the others.


I often just pick the videos I want for that day, depending on what I feel I need and want to manifest but sometimes I use certain videos for a few weeks especially if it's an area I think I really REALLY need help with.

And one of these videos is Easy Life.

(It's in the manifesting section of videos) 

I listened to it every day for a few weeks, I think.  When I started I was mostly intending to use it to help work be a little easier and I think it's DEFINITELY helped.  I've started to pick up things more and have things go my way at work a lot more.  And my love life had already started to be going well but I think this video has helped with that too, cos it talks about easily attracting things you want like money and love, I think.  (I did read the affirmations at the start but now I just listen.) I don't use it daily now, cos well I'm off work and I feel like I don't need to use it as much cos I have integrated some of it but it's there whenever things seem challenging and I want a boost & I'll DEFINITELY be using it when I go back to work.  But LIFE feels easier than it did now, not just work, compared to before anyway.  


So, as I know a few of the others have some videos they use as a daily routine, this is one of the 2-3 videos I've been using for mine and I highly recommend it. 

I'm really pleased with it.

I highly recommend and am really pleased with all the videos I've used, really but I wanted to try and get discussion going here and share this with you.  I have had results with some of the other videos too but I will share that later and I'd love to hear from some of you about YOUR success stories first! 

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That's great Athena!

I'm really interested in combination videos. Although my circumstances are totally different, my toddler boy is really out of this planet and wears me down , I have no immediate help . This might help me make life easier.. I'll check some others for this combo for myself.. Sometimes I wish I could stick the head phones on him for an hour. , Arggggg , he got cranky with my iPad yesterday and cracked the screen... This is what I'm dealing with.. I play relaxing meditation music during the day to keep the vibe mellow.. And reduce adrenalin..If you have any suggestions ? Please feel free to give me advise .. Cheers from Aussie Friend.! Xox

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I'll have a think.  About both those questions.  Cos I have one for you too, a question, Toriangel and anyone.  I do think this is a helpful video.  I am also trying out the dominance ones because I'm a teacher and I want my new class to really respect me so I'm really hoping it will help!  I don't know yet, I haven't done them every day so I'm gonna try and do more of that and they include ones on leadership and children respecting you or something like that.  I'm really hoping it will help. Plus I am wondering about a luck one for you.  I have had a week of well I don't know for lack of a better word bad luck in a way and I am going to work with the attract luck video and see what happens.  I had a date with a single dad a few weeks ago and his kid was lovely really lovely but he wouldn't sleep and then he got annoyed at us - even though he really liked me maybe even more than the daddy! (Or maybe he just loved MY ipad, I had to bribe him with it at one stage then he didn't want to stop using it though I tried to monitor what he watched a lot till I saw daddy was way more lenient than me! and had sweets (lollies/candy) and money ready in case I needed to bribe him to get it back! - and he was so tired and cranky from the lack of sleep that he poured soft drink (soda) all over the floor!  I told the dad to calm down he was SO mad at him and we used towels on the floor together and I just kind of laughed it off, I guess cos I'm sort of used to the chaos by now in a way that kids can sometimes bring.  So I can kind of relate.  So I think MAYBE the dominance ones and the luck ones, well that's what I'm gonna try. 


Lucyphoto, I think 15 minutes is better than no minutes at all.  Probably the longer the better but I know we can get busy, sometimes I listen to them in the background while I am in a chatroom but I think it's also good to consciously listen at times cos the affirmations are so lovely and feel good but I think maybe both are good.  But 15 minutes is better than no minutes & I think you'll still get a boost from it.  Yes, yes I do. 

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