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Technique for getting over someone/reducing sad memories


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This is also an NLP technique so I will duplicate a bit and put it there to, as it relates to both.

This is based on Steve G Jones' technique but it also uses some general NLP knowledge:

In a nutshell, you are reducing the impact of that negative memory by changing how it looks, sounds and how you react emotionally to it and so on: 


Imagine you are in a theatre (movie theatre) sitting in a seat and you can see the big screen. On that screen is playing the sad scene. You watch it. Ow!
Then you go into the movie & experience it through your eyes. Eek! BUT THEN Then you float up into the projection box where the movie is being played from and you realise that YOU can control the movie. You have a glass screen in front of you up there or Perspex. And you can see that other you, sitting in the seat. So you run that movie Backwards now, from the part where things were ok like you were feeling a bit better about the break up or WHATEVER it was to just before it happened (you can use this for other things too, if there is an unpleasant memory bugging you).
EVERYTHING moves backwards, people walk backwards and talk backwards!
Run the movie backwards again and your ex has clown shoes on giant ones and a clown nose & a funny wig! He or she looks RIDICULOUS and if you can, imagine you hear funny music.
Then run the movie watch the movie forwards again but this time in black and white and it is less clear. Then you could imagine the scene disappears.

A lot of steps, I know, but try it if you want let me know what you think.

Another one you can also try if you want is this:
There is you imagine a big poster of a sad scene. Behind it there is a small black and white picture of a happy scene maybe it's you smiling or you & your loved one together YOU CHOOSE!
There is a rubber band connecting the two,scenes.
Say to yourself SWISH
and "see" the two scenes swap places, the big one moves to the back, becomes small and black and white and the one behind- the HAPPY scene - moves to the front, becomes the big size and in vivid colour.

Try it a few times like several times in a row, speeding up if you can.

PLEASE let me know what you think, the feedback would be helpful as these are two techniques I have learned.

I see I got confused and added the movie thing again, oh well here it is again, more or less:

I don't know why this has taken me so long but FINALLY here goes.  

You see, it is a technique I learned and I'm going to do it from memory!

OK here you go:

(1) Imagine that you see yourself in a movie theatre, in a seat and there is a big screen in front of you.  For some reason, when I see this I am sort of in the middle of the middle row but it does not matter!  You could be right in front of the screen, or further back.  

(2) On that screen, a movie starts to play and it is a short movie of the sad stuff.  So see that movie, but on the big screen.  Very shortly, do this in a few seconds.  OK so now imagine that you float up out of yourself and up to the projection booth, where they play the movie.  So you can see you in the projection booth and also you can see another you in the seat!  

(3) Now the you in the projection booth plays the movie and watches it, surrounded by a sort of hard plastic or pexiglass. 

You watch it and you see you in the chair watch it.  

(4) You can change anything you want in this movie ie you can change the speed, the direction, the colour, the sound etc.

Now you are in the chair, watching the movie, but WAIT!  This movie is now in black and white, no sound.

You are now IN the movie but it is in black and white and you start the movie from the point before the sad stuff to just after when things were ok again. 

(5) Now you run the movie backwards.

Everything goes backwards!  Any talking is backwards, people walk backwards and speed it up a bit too! 

Go back into the seat, watch it go backwards again but WAIT!  Even though it is mostly in black and white, if your ex or a person you feel bad about is in it, now they have a clown's wig and THAT could be coloured red or pink for e.g. they have a clown nose and huge shoes!! What a CLOWN they are!  You hear funny music play- maybe circus music or just music that you find comical in some way.  As things go backwards from end to beginning.

(6) Now it is time to fade the pictures as you run the movie again and then the screen turns to black, then you see black and white spots on the screen and that cackle when the tv is on but not working and then the screen gets smaller and smaller and then it disappears! 

There are some others but that is one of the techniques.

Even if it just feels a little bit better, that's still something.

Try it and tell me what you think.  Keep this technique to yourselves rather than sharing at this stage, please, I know some bits of it that are more generic, other bits I am not sure about.  If I find out they ARE more generic, known NLP techniques, I will let you know to share it!  Thanks!  But please use it for yourself if you want, it's really good, and kind of funny to use!  You may even laugh about something you had been crying about! 

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