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Content Vs. Structure Language


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One good skill to develop is to be able to distinguish between "content language" or the actual things you are talking about, vs. "structure language" which is how you are talking about them.


Even better is to be able to use "structure language" in a way that the listener / reader fills in the blank with their own content, so they end up thinking it was their idea to do what you wanted them to do all along.


A couple of quick examples:


Content Language:


This product is made from 100% sheep hair and will make you feel 22% warmer than regular cotton, with a choice between three different colors, red, blue, and green.


Structure Language:


The warm comfort you'll feel with this uniquely crafted product is only surpassed by the increased popularity you'll enjoy from the elegant design.


The following video (designed to be funny, which it is) is also a GREAT EXAMPLE of structure language:


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