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Ideas for pattern interrupting (when online?)


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I have done two NLP online courses but I am a little rusty but ANYWAY one of the things I know about is pattern interrupting & I HAVE done it before a couple of times & quite successfully.  

But I'm trying to do it with someone who is getting quite stuck in his problems and he DOES want me to help him & as well as advice & exploring options, kinda like coaching too, I want to throw in some pattern interrupting but it's online & I want it to be a little bit subtle. 

Anyone got good techniques, ideas on this?

I have a couple of them but wondered if you had any I could try?

That when he starts to nosedive into these unproductive states I can help him snap out and into a more resourceful state?

I have some ideas but I'd LOVE some more.

I find pattern interrupting effective at times. 

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If you're talking, voice style, then I just usually say something completely random like this:


"Hey, check this out, (kind of like you just remembered something), What color is your favorite pair of socks?"


Sometimes (but not often) this can be enough to cure a problem. Just keep acting like you've suddenly discovered gold, and keep asking them random questions any time they start getting into that nosedive state. You'll anchor in the change, and make the nose dive less likely.


Pattern interrupt is basically any way you can change their focus, it's kind of like the opposite of rapport. 


Easiest way to interrupt anybody's pattern is with sudden sex energy.


If you're talking to a guy, suddenly tell him you just saw the biggest boobs on Earth the other day, and they accidentally popped out of her shirt.


If you're talking to a girl, tell her you just remembered reading this blog about to have three hour orgasms.


Or you can interrupt them and say they just reminded you of somebody, somebody who does something very well that they'd like to do. (real or not).


"Oh, Dude! You just reminded me of this guy who does that (whatever "that" is lol) who makes TONS of money in the stock market. Anyway, the other night he was having dinner, and his neighbor came over and started telling him...(and then launch into a totally random story for a minute or two)...Anyway, what were you saying?"

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