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whole brain thinking and ambidextrous - super memory and learning

Guest thematrix

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Guest thematrix

You are a genius

You have excellent concentration and focus

You easily think logically and rationally

Logical thinking naturally comes to you

You have the ability to think either logically or creatively

You easily solve problems

You are excellent problem solver

You react quickly to any situation which arises

You are extremely creative

Your creativity increases everyday

New ideas naturally comes to you

You are highly imaginative

You have a vivid imagination

You have a photographic memory

You remember things quickly and easily

Your brain is efficient

Your brain processes information fast and accurately

You see something once and remember it forever

Your brain has limitless capacity for learning

You soak up information like a sponge

You remember things in vivid detail

You learn things very fast

You master new skills quickly and easily

You learn new languages quickly and easily

You love and enjoy learning

You have a powerful motivation to study

You are ambidextrous

You easily write with both hands

You can do different things with both hands

You can write separate documents with both hands

You can do completely different tasks with both hands

People are amazed at your ambidexterity



Include alpha waves instead of theta..For studying

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