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Get superpowers from masturbation

Guest crim

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There are alot of nofappers out there trying to not fap so they can improve themselves, but what if you can do it the other way around? No, George i'm seriously not trolling.


Every time you ejaculate you become smarter

Every time you ejaculate you become physically stronger

The more you masturbate the strong your mind becomes

Your intentions become super powerful when masturbating

You have supernatural levels of Sexual Desire

You now become superhuman through masturbation

When you orgasm you permanently improve in every way

Masturbating has turned you into a genius

Masturbating has made you incredibly strong

Ejaculating to porn has made you more attractive

Ejaculation is a beneficial for you

Your body becomes much stronger and healthier after you orgasm

You have immense amounts of testosterone

After you ejaculate, you become fully horny again within 2 minutes

Orgasms make you more athletic

Masturbating makes you richer and wiser

Masturbating makes you cooler

Masturbating makes you more attractive

Orgasms make you healthier

You enjoy how incredible you feel after masturbation

Masturbation builds beneficial neural connections

Sexual activity makes you a better person

You have achieved great success from masturbation

Orgasms drastically increase your willpower




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Please george you gotta, we could cheat the nervous system man! And that dream sex  one would be just as awesome. Why not combine work and play?! Bro, we could become superhumans wacking it in our bathrooms, Let's do this!!

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"Yeah  and oprah you were the beautiful women that i did all the fappin to you, you really inspired me to put in the work. There's just something about you were handled in "the color purple" that just really turned me on. I didn't even know you had a show till you guys contacted me."

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Actually, there IS a technique to make this work, and it's not based on hypnosis. It's based on creating a sigil, a magical symbol and then charging it daily with your sex energy.


1) Come up with a highly refined, tightly written description of what you'd like to create. Take a LOT of time  making sure your statement is perfect.


2) Take each first letter of each word in your statement, and take MORE TIME blending them together into a symbol. It's crucial that you do this by hand, and it's crucial that you take your time. The reason is to take that statement, and associate it with your final symbol, into your subconscious. If you do it quickly, it won't take. Figure at LEAST a day or two (more likely a couple of weeks, after much thinking and meditation) to come up with your statement. Then another day at least (or maybe a couple of weeks) . The symbol should be simple enough to recognize it right away, AND it should conjure up subconsciously that which you are creating.


3) Charge it daily with sexual energy. Stare at it while you call to mind your goal while you bring yourself to orgasm, as slowly as you can. While you are feeling the sexual pleasure, focus on your symbol with as much energy as you can.


This will program your subconscious on a deep, deep level ( and through to the super conscious if you believe in that sort of thing) that your goal is REALLY REALLY important.


Anything related to sexual energy is POWERFUL, Read Think and Grow Rich, Chapter 11. 

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Please do make this one! ALthough I Reccomend removin the "supernatural levels of sexual desire" affirmation and replacing with "supernatural levels of libido" That way you'll have the sexual energy as well.

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