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Good Girl Seduction

Shaun Hutton

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Hey George,


I would like to request for a video for Good Girl Seduction.


This is pretty much the same as the Bad Boy Seduction video, but an important variation.


This is because I have discovered that if we present ourselves as too much of a "bad boy", then we attract a particular kind of girls.


Qualities of a good girl:

  • She has good self esteem
  • She has no destructive emotions / Does not crave for negative emotions
  • She loves plenty of sex, but prefers to reserve it for guys that she is currently in a relationship with
  • She does not blackmail guys through sex, guilt, emotions nor use any other form of manipulation
  • She has a healthy social circle
  • She has healthy social relationships with other girls
  • She values her relationships with her family and friends strongly
  • She respects and understands the male ego (and does not try to behave like a guy)
  • She targets her man's heart and connects well with him, instead of targeting his money or possessions

Affirmations could be something like:


I attract only the good girls


I know exactly how to screen for the good girls


I attract girls with good self esteem


I attract girls with good values


Good girls want to be with me


P.S. We might need 16 voices for this one as such a girl would be a gem and will not be that easy to find.


Thank you.

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