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Become a Wild Man/ Tarzan time!

Guest Crimlin

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Guest Crimlin

You follow your instincts


You listen to your instincts


You have great instincts


You possess amazing physical senses


You are a great hunter


you are adventurous


You are courageous


You are resourceful


You have an amazing sense of smell


You have an amazing sense of hearing


You can run fast than cheetahs


You are incredibly strong


You navigate through the woods swiftly


You move through difficult terrain with great swiftness


You can catch any animal


You climb trees insanely fast


You can take down a lion with your bare hands


You can defeat a bear with single punch


You can swim through treacherous waters


You can thrive in dangerous jungles 


You are good at communicating with animals


You have incredible wilderness survival skills


You adapt to wild environments easily


You can create effective tools using raw material


You enjoy researching things about the wilderness and various hunting methods

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Where's Tarzan?! Can I be Jane? Hahaha loved the show as a kid; oh nostalgia in all those phil collins songs. Anyway...

really like the communicating with animals (can we add an affirmation that says "I telepathically speak to animals and sense their emotions" )

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