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Instant sex and King of women!!!

Guest blacky

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Guest blacky

A vid for getting sex with virtually no effort at all, imagine just being able to look at girl smile and then having her instantly seduced. Telling a girl "please give me a bj, maam" and having her give you one right in public without hesitation. Here are the affirmations:


Beautiful women approach me and ask me for sex


If I smile at a girl, she instantly falls in love with me.


Naked girls approach me and ask for sex


Girls will suck my penis immediately after i ask them to.


Women find me Irresistibly attractive


Everyday I becoming more and more sexually attractive


I instantly seduce women just by being near them


Beautiful women are willing to have public sex with me


Sexy women strip down and beg me for sex


Gorgeous girls have sex with me whenever i want


If i touch a girl she instantly wants to have sex with me


Women have intense orgasms just by looking at me


Women become addicted to sucking my dick


Women drool with pleasure at the sight of me


 Women give me money just for being attractive


I can have sex with any woman i want easily and effortlessly


Girls have orgasms during conversations with me


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