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Breatherian (Inedia)


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This one would be great; all the previous affirmations from the 30min vid could be used as well as the following:

i never require the physical taste of food or drinks

My senses no longer require food or drinks

I can taste by waving my hand over food or drinks

I never seek physical sensory stimulation from food or drinks

i am complete and connected to eternal unlimited Source energy

I am a part of the Creator. I experience the affirmations I am listening to immediately 

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All the previous affirmations for Breatherian (30 min hypnosis track) would be included in this one. I feel that my subconscious already knows that I dont physically need food (Ive been listening to thi for a while) its just after years of eating I still crave the sensory stimulation; so this is to tackle both not needing to eat and not wanting. If you can suggest any affirmations to add, feel free!


Cheers :)

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