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Fantast Sex Dreams Everynight!!! PLEASE!!

Guest Blacky

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Guest Blacky

Basically, A subliminal for fulfilling your greatest sexual fantasies every night!!  Imagine being able to having epic dream sex with the girl you never asked out in high school, wonder woman, or a hot waifu from your favorite anime. But also include affirmations for vividly remembering and becoming lucid in the dream, Waking up feeling refreshed and invigorated (Too much sex can make you feel like you lost energy.


Here are the affirmations:

I have Fantastic sexual dreams every night!!


The  beautiful women i think about during the day, I make love to in my dreams.


Women in my dreams approach me and have sex with me


I always have sex with any girl I want in my dreams.


I make love to to beautiful girls in my dreams


Sex dreams are easy and natural to have.


My sex dreams are vivid and enjoyable


I easily become lucid and aware during my sex dreams


I am a master at having sex dreams every night


I have pleasurable sex in my dreams for many hours


I have as much sex as i want in my dreams


I remember my sex dreams easily


My greatest sexual fantasies are fulfilled in my dreams


Every night I have sex with my favorite cartoon girls


Everynight I have sex with my favorite video game girls


Every night I have sex with all the women i desire


my ability to have great sex dreams is improving!


Every morning I wake up refreshed and rejuvinated


Every morning i wake up feeling strong and focused

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