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It would be great to have a vimeo version of the "Win every Lottery" 30 min hypnosis tracks


Some added affirmations could be:


I always win the maximum jackpot

It is naturally for me to win money and prizes daily 

I am innately Lucky 

I am an innate Lottery Winner

I am a natural multi-millionaire

I use my abundance and wealth to elevate humanity 

I am generous and rich

I have DNA codes that make me a winner every time

i love sharing my wealth

I love giving back to the community

I love supporting positive initiatives in society

I contribute to charities

I am a multi-millionaire lottery winner

It is my destiny to elevate humanity through my lottery winnings

I live a life of luxury through my lottery winnings

My subconscious and conscious mind are congruent with my winnings

Lucky Angels and Gods Support my winnings 

Lucky Angels and Gods help manifest lottery winnings

I allow Lucky Angels and Gods to gift me with monetary winnings

i allow myself to win the lottery 

I allow myself to enjoy a life of luxury 

I deserve to be a multi-millionaire lottery winner

I have always been a multi-millionaire lottery winner


Thanks George!



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