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Dealing with your partner's past


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I DO at times have jealousy issues but as I don't ever have issues with a partner's past it's hard for me to understand this but I have this really strong urge to say something for some reason (please forgive me!)

Easier said than done but why not focus on creating NEW memories - including sexually - with each other?

Also are there any fantasies you two can fufil together?  Just a thought that was bugging me when I read this.  Think about YOUR past with each other & what you WANT to do physically too and in other ways together. 

Anyway, I'm sure there WILL be a product made for it but I had this weird urge to say that.

Forget any other guys, she's with YOU now.

(My jealousy thing is more worried when I DO have a man that he's going to run off into the sunset with some gorgeous hottie in the present or future so I guess it's hard to understand fears of people from the past but I wish you all the best in dealing with this.)

But it's just a thought I had, when you have this thought, maybe think of your favourite time the two of you kissed, had sex etc & replay THAT in your mind instead as a way to replace that?

The swish pattern also comes to mind. :-)

Anyway I'll shut up now.    BTW this is why the last time a guy asked me my number I refused to tell him -actually turns out his was WAY higher than mine but I don't care.  But I actually don't understand WHY people talk about their sexual past with their currents although I stupidly told him something sexual I did and THEN he kept bugging ME to do the same with HIM.  So I guess I'm just as bad as spilling the beans.  Never again :-D

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