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Superhuman intelligence


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Please tell me what to add!


All limiting beliefs have left me

I am smart

I am a genius

I am intelligent

I have superhuman intelligence

My brain is efficient

My mind is efficient

My brain has unlimited creativity

My mind has unlimited creativity

I use 100 percent of my brain

I use 100 percent of my mind

I have a photographic memory

I have an edeitc memory

I remember everything I've ever read, seen or heard

I soak up information like a sponge

I solve many problems at once

I sovle problems efficiently

I think 100 moves ahead

My brain is a calculator

My mind is a calculator

My brain has unlimited knowledge

My mind has unlimited knowledge

I learn quickly

I learn efficiently

I am always focused

I always concentrate

I have a high I.Q

My I.Q increases every day

I think positively

My brain is strong

My mind is strong

I learn everything

I know everything

I see an answer to everything

I understand both physically and mentally

I am good at all subjects

I am good at science

I know all forms of science

I am good at maths

I know all forms of maths

I am good at literature

I know all forms of literature

I achieve at everything

I am determined to get smarter and smarter

I see an answer too everything

I can access my entire subconscious mind

My brain processes at the speed of light

I am aware of all subconscious thoughts past, present, future

My mind proceses at the speed of light

I have peak human intelligence

My intelligence increses everyday

Both of my hemisphere are in perfect tune

My hemispheres are making connections everyday




Sorry for it being this long I put a lot of effort and mind into this. Please tell me to add anything


Thank You

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Please add:

I can access 100% of my subconscious 

I can access my entire subconscious mind 

I am aware of ALL my subconscious thoughts past, present and future

I rewrite my subconscious programming at will, instantaneously 

All my subconscious programming is the foundation to my success 

My subconscious mind creates all opportunities and success at the speed of thought 

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