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I ´ve been listening to George videos sistematically since september last year.  Amazing things have happened since then.  I was in a financial crisis for perhaps 8 years...never something well paid, always temporary jobs...but then suprises have showed up.  First I have my first regular job, with health ensurance and an office, and a very good salary (perhaps not for being a millionaire but I am paying each month my credit cards, it feels so great not to be worried about how to pay the next day with no money) With my relations with women and men everything has changed.  I have new friends that are very nice persons, and with my couple everything is starting to be ok.  As I can see, nothing is impossible if we know how to be convinced of that.  The videos that have helped me a lot are: Financial Genius, You are lucky, age reversal, super iq, raving fans, evil protection, end procrastination, sex married magnet, sex magnet, bisex fantasy, money instinct, dream job. perfect health and others, but these are the ones I usually listen.

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