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Look Important / Bright Aura


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I’m glowing 

I stand out from the crowd

My aura is bright 

I look like a celebrity 

I look important 

I am full of charisma 

I’m everyones sunshine 

I light up the room 

I’m irresistible

I’m of high value 

I am held in high esteem 

I have the most beautiful sparkling eyes 

My eyes are deep and expressive 

I have the worlds happiest smile 

My smile makes other people happy 

I have the most beautiful face 

People beg for my attention 

People treat me like a V.I.P. 

People get exited when I talk to them 

People blush when I look at them

People get goosebumps when I touch them

Peoples hearts beat faster when I look at them  

People always daydream about me 

People are impressed by me 

People get nervous around me 

People always want me to like them 

People care a lot about my opinion 

The most beautiful people crush on me 

The most confident people get shy around me 

I look fresh 

I look flawless 

I’m confident 

I’m intersting 

I’m mysterious 

I'm important 

I'm special 

I'm fascinating 

Everything I do looks good 

I radiate positve energy 

I radiate love and happiness 

I radiate beauty and youth 

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Please don’t be offended. I know this idea was superficial, but it came to my mind and I wanted to write it down. I just really enjoy writing affirmation. You don’t need to make conclusion of of that. Because yes, you will never the people behind these accounts :) 

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I like some of these affirmations, sometimes I feel like I have "target" written on my face!  I'm one of these "super nice" people, not sickly so of course. But I feel like I'd like a heck of a lot more respect & people would re-think trying to take advantage of me.  So I like most of these affirmations.  Not so much the one about making the confident people shy around me!  But the other affirmations, YES. 

Heh heh cool about the funny voice :-D

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