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These Voices In Your Head... (Inner Voice/ Angle Voice)


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This one is a little different - instead of using "You" and "I" for creating affirmations, it would be awesome if you could only use "We" and "You" so that it sounds as if someone is talking to you, like an inner voice, the voice of another person or the voice of an angle. It would be very calming to listen to a voice that tells you comforting things. 


We love you 

We are protecting you 

We are here for you 

We are always on your side 

We are taking care of your worries 

We are turning your wishes into reality 

We are helping you 

Everything you want will come true 

Everything will be fine 

Everything will work out 

Everything you want is very close

Everything you want is here  





Try it!

Try again!

Do it again! 



Breath deeply! 

Let it be!! 

Let it go!

It will get better 

It will get easier 

It will be possible

It will happen

It will be fine 

It’s fine 

All is well 

Forgive yourself!

Forgive him!

Forgive her!  

It’s time for you to be happy

Look out for positive things 

Live as if you were to die tomorrow 

Focus on your own life 

Other peoples opinion is none of your buisness 

We were all meant to be different 

Stay true to yourself 

Show the world the real you

Be weird and proud of it 

Live your life different from everyone else 

This is your life 

You only live in this body once 

Do what makes you happy

Do only what you really want to do 

Follow your dreams 

Do one thing every day that scares you 

Take one small step after the other 

Treat yourself well 

Stay in the now 

Now is the perfect time 

Today is the day 

Take action! 

Do it now! 

Say "Yes"!

You are ready 

You can keep up with everyone

You are good enough 

You are exactly where you need to be 

You can do it! 

Your body is capable of doing anything you want

It will be easier than it seems now 

We will guide you 

We will help you 

We will tell you what to do 

Nothing matters much 

Its’s never too late 

There is always another way 

There will always be another opportunity 

You will find a way 

You have so much time left 

You will get what you want 

You will find the right people for you 

You will find the partner of your dreams 

You will be healthy 

You will get your dream job 

You will be able to do what you want to do in life  

You have a place in this world  

You deserve an easy life 

You deserve good things to come easy 

You are perfect, just the way you are

You are doing a great job 

You are doing enough

You came very far 


Well done! 

You are a very special person  

You are very beautiful 

You are very talented 

You are very important 

You are being loved

You are protected 

You are safe 

You have best years are ahead of you 

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