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A Year of Success and Wisdom


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So I've been listening and experimenting with George's videos for almost a year. Some of the crazy experiences I had include but are not limited to -


- Manifesting 400 bucks out of nowhere for a great laptop

- Instantly manifesting my professor in front of me when I needed him (No, seriously. I thought I needed to meet him and a minute later he shows up in the least expected place).

- Copying Dance moves with perfect accuracy, so much so that the dance instructor was impressed ( I was a terrible dancer)

- I didn't have any confidence in me, and it went to women hitting on me and dating abundance (though I haven't found the right one.). Also, women staring at my Godly... looks? (I thought I was a perfectly average looking dude until these videos!)

- Super Acting talents. To the point where I would be on stage, mess up a bit and people would go WOAH, HE'S GREAT. I CAN'T TAKE MY EYES OFF OF HIM!

- Unbreakable frame and super social confidence in many situations

- Fearlessness and overall badassery when needed


And now I have moved on because I have sort of figured things out. Talent doesn't actually exist. All that exists is your own belief in something, which you can will into reality through taking on challenging life experiences. Anything you can imagine, you can have. Now, some wisdom for everyone -


Now, if you want instant results and to put something away, listening to a quick Hypnosis is fine. But if you want the results to stick, here's something...


George emphasizes the process and enjoying the journey. I didn't understand this until recently. What happens is when you listen to these videos, you skip the steps in between, and then you have no reference experiences. The problem with this is, you lose your mark of authenticity, and you become someone else. For example, in the last year there were moments when -


- I acted like a Pickup Artist

- I essentially copied an actor

- Attempted to copy Batman 


... and so on. When you enjoy the journey, you build your own legend, and you have a mark of authenticity that makes you a Hero. You have your own unique experiences, and at the end of your life, you have your own unique story to tell. So no matter what, in any video, always try to look for the process, the journey. If you want the results to stick, don't skip any steps, it won't help you much in the long run. Rome was not built in a day. If you want sexual abundance, enjoy the journey that gets you there. If you want money, get into the habit of building a great financial empire step by step. This way you have a rock solid foundation and a ton of reference experiences moving forward. 


And most importantly, figure out what you really want, and lose your ego. You might think you want an abundance of women, but in the end that might get you miserable. NBA superstar athlete, Kevin Durant, was complaining the other day about how he couldn't get his perfect woman. Celebrities are often miserable as well. They get egoistical, and end up miserable. You don't want to work for something and end up miserable... that would kill the point of doing it. So, in conclusion, set aside a good amount of time to figure out what you want, and make it as precise as possible. Cast aside your ego, and be very specific. 

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