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Process of training Willpower - Different Affirmations


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Hey George. I know you have made a willpower video, but I'd like to change some of those affirmations to make all affirmations about willpower, and take off the "I am fierce", "I am power", etc. They seem to be doing weird things to my personality. This will be more about the process of improving willpower daily. You may suggest/add affirmations about the process of training willpower. 


Suggested Affirmations:


I strengthen my will everyday

Day by day, my will gets stronger and stronger

I love taking on new challenges

I love taking on new adventures

I love pushing my limits

I love surpassing myself

I love the journey

I love the process

I engage fully in the process

My will propels me to mythical greatness

My will alters universal forces

My will has more power than the Sun

My will is absolute

I will my dreams into reality

I will my goals into reality

I will my thoughts into reality

I will my visualizations into reality

I rewrite the future with my will alone

I rewrite the fate of world nations with my will alone

I will my vision of a perfect world into existence

I will magic into existence

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