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Life Of Your Dreams


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Life Of Your Dreams


I live the life of my dreams 

I’m my ideal self 

Things are always working out for me 

I always get what I want 

My life is filled with miracles 

All my dreams are coming true 

All my goals are coming true 

My wishes always turn into reality 

Everything turns out exactly how I planned it 

Everything turns out exactly how I imagined it 

I control the outcome of all situations 

I ask and the universe delivers 

I always attract the perfect opportunities 

I have the job of my dreams 

I have the body of my dreams 

I have the partner of my dreams 

I live in the house of my dreams 

My health is perfect 

I live a luxurious life 

I easily earn millions for dollars 

I have the world at my feet 

I travel all around the world 

I have wonderful friends 

I have wonderful relationships 

People treat me kind wherever I go 

The universe showers me with luck 

The universe showers me with love

The universe showers me with money 

I am a winner in life 

I live up to my full potential 

Everything will work out for me 

Everything will fall into place for me 

Everything I want will come true 

I’m happy 

I’m grateful 

I’m blessed 

I deserve everything I want 

Life is easy 

Life is rewarding 

I have a perfect life 

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