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Best way to listen

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Hey Seadog, 


From what I've gathered headphones are the proper way (the delta, theta -all the binaural beats need to resonate into both ears--> that is how a trance-hypnotic state is created. You can definitely listen to the tracks while following your daily routine. I usually carry around my Ipod with either one track on repeat or a playlist. (Be sure to Check out the Vimeo Vids too there quite effective.) I wouldn't listen to the track on speakers as I mention the binaural beats work when heard directly through both ears. Visualizations techniques work well (if you get a chance sit down with the desired affirmation track and with eyes closed consciously think the affirmations you are hearing, or visualize the situation you would like to manifest). Another great option is saying and writing down the affirmations while you hear them; I find this keeps more parts of the Self congruent with the manifestation since you're using more senses/avenues of inputting the info into the subconscious. I would definitely capitalize on using time while asleep for hypnosis; through personal experience I've found it to be very successful since the Ego/conscious thought is released. (I suggest getting a pair of really comfortable headphones, test them to see if they stay in your ears through the night).

P.S. Listening to "Instant Affirmations" before a track does wonders. (good subconscious 'priming' tool) 


Happy Manifesting!


If you've got more questions or are just curious check out my blog "Skye's the Limit". There's a bunch of info about manifestation/spirituality that could help you. 

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Thank you Skye. I will look through your blog soon. I'm having trouble keeping my apple earbuds in my ears, and they aren't really comfortable to sleep in , so I am thinking about getting som Sleepphones. They're flat and fit inside a headband.

I thought I downloaded some of the vimeo videos as well, but I can't find the files, so I'll try again soon.

I like what you mentioned about writing down the affirmations. I have heard from another source that you can write for what you want in the present tense, and program you subconscious mind. Saying them may be hindered by you're conscious mind saying "no you can't." However, I intend to experiment more with both separately and combined.

Best wishes to you.

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My apologies for the typographical errors in the above post, and for a double post, by I meant to mention that the source I learned about the writing from said it is best to use a blue pen and white paper. If I remember correctly he said he learned it from Napoleon Hill's Think and Grow Rich.

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Wow! I've never heard of that before! Yes it does make sense because red ink might be linked to making a mistake/error (teachers usually mark errors in red pen and correct answers in green) also black is at time associated with negativity/darkness/death etc. Makes sense; Thanks for the info Seadog!


Ps. I don't know if u were updated but the Vimeo Vids are back up! Happy Manifesting! :) 

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