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Become A Linguistic Genius


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Please make an audio that helps you to become a linguistic genius.

Some suggestions for affirmations: 

- I am a linguistic genius 

- My linguistic talent is world famous 

- I have a gift for languages 

- I have the I.Q. of a genius 

- My I.Q. is increasing every single day 

- I am a perfect speller 

- I know everything about grammar 

- I am a master of words 

- I have an exceptional understanding of languages 

- I’m a wordsmith 

- I can speak any language like a native 

- I have super human language learning abilities 

- I am a great speaker

- I always know what to say 

- I have an outstandingly large vocabulary 

- My words are convincing 

- My words have incredible power 

- I create realities with my words

- Everything I say is 

- People do whatever I say 

- I am a gifted writer 

- My writing skills are improving every day 

- I write a new bestseller every month 

- I master automatic writing 

- My writing is guided by the infinite knowledge of the universe 

- I read incredibly fast 

- I read hundreds of pages in minutes 

- I remember everything I read 




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