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Vimeo UN-Banned Hammer


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UPDATE March 11


Well, I guess they had a change of heart, and put back up all the vids, (except for any related to seduction or pick up.) I'll continue to add to Vimeo, as well as the other sources, just in case something else happens.




BAM! Hammered Again! Poof! Gone!




aaaand.....they're back.









Well, that didn't last long!


At first they told me some of the vids (the relationship ones) were offensive to women, so I removed them (and put them here: http://mindpersuasion.com/banned)


Now they're telling me that the rest were "spammy" or "too promotional" which they didn't mention before. Anyhow, they're all gone. Which kind of sucks since I paid $199 for a PRO account!


Good News:
You can also find most of what was on Vimeo here:
and here:
and here:
and lately I'm putting them here: (In case I can banned from the above:)
or here
So keep the requests coming!
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Ditto what Marvelous said.

That's nuts cos you have videos for men AND women.  I don't find your videos spammy at all.  Anyway sorry to hear this but so happy you have them backed up. Also you are an inspiration and help in many ways.  One of those ways is your perseverance.  How you are like, well OK that road got blocked, so what I can think of another road and here it is.  That is very inspiring and encouraging to me as it's easy for me to let roadblocks get me off track.  But YOU DON'T and it really encourages me!  

All the same, sorry this happened to you!  Pleased about the backups and yes you have wonderful helpful videos, gonna check those links now.  I have certain ones I watch each work day for one so hopefully they will be there or somewhere soon.  OK good I just looked through some of the links, found the daily ones I use phew!!

Again, thank you for your work....we appreciate the heck out of you, George Hutton! 

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srecno srecno

how can I help you?

if you want, you can

to put all the video in mp3 format

on my site

feeling free to contact me 


I'm here to help


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Well, that didn't last long. This time they deleted my entire channel, not just the videos. I guess paying $199 for Vimeo Pro means they can delete you for any time, and for any reason!


Always have a backup plan!

Well that's just sad cause Vimeo was my best option for videos. Maybe they will change their mind and well yeah.... Well I hope

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