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Best tool to learn power structure


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Hi @admin

What product or book of yours is the best to learn power structure? 

Which one should I follow to learn how to join organizations and climb thier ranks from the bottom?

Essentially a guide on how to gain power and influence.

There are a lot of products that relate to my question but I am not sure as what specifically should I go with.

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That is a very basic desire so there are plenty of ways to achieve that goal.

Which is best is more about you than the products themselves.

Since this is a potentially lucrative goal, one that will significantly change your life, avoid thinking of terms of "one product" that will do the trick.

Think in terms of several products over the course of months or at least a year to help you practice the skills you'll need.

EVERY HUMAN on earth wants the same goal you do, so there will be a lot of competition.

That being said, off the top of my head I'd recommend:


This is based on the idea that the higher your status, the more attractive you are.

So it is filled with status building exercises, which are very versatile.

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