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I am in love 

I am in love with myself 

I am in love with everyone around me 

My heart is full of love

I am love

I radiate love 

I love unconditionally 

I attract unconditional love 

I am a love magnet 

I attract loving people wherever I go 

I attract lovers 

I attract loving friends 

I attract people who love me 

I attract crushes 

I attract admirers 

I attract my soulmate 

I attract real love 

I discover real love

My heart is wide open 

I have endless trust 

I feel in love 

My stomach is filled with butterflies 

I can't stop smiling 

I'm glowing 

I feel alive 

I'm happy 

The universe loves me

I see the good in the world 

People are lovable

People love me 

People fall in love with me wherever I go 

I fall in love wherever I go 

People treat me with love 

I treat people with love 

I see acts of love wherever I go 


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