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I always move beyond my comfort zone 

Doing new things is natural to me 

Now is the perfect time 

I always talk to strangers 

I always try out new things 

I love experiencing the unexperienced 

I enjoy first time experiences 

I love doing things on my own 

I love doing things I’m scared of 

I love doing uncomfortable things 

My goal is trying 

Trying means succeeding 

It’s never too late

I only live in this body once 

This is my life 

I own my life 

I do the things I want to do 

I have supreme confidence 

I’m fearless 

I’m shameless 

I'm relaxed 

I’m curious 

I’m ready 

I’m safe 

Everything will work out 

Everything is too easy for me 

It’s always easier than it seems  

The universe got my back 

The universe gives me all I want and need 

People will love me 

People will support me 

People will understand me 

People will see the good in me

People will see my potential  

I have a place in this world

I fit in 

I love myself 

I am proud of myself 

I am proud of my life 

I'm exactly where I need to be 

I'm taking the next step now 

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