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One that is similar to the 30min vids here would be great. Some extra suggestions could be:


I always teleport safetly

I perform teleportation correctly every single time

I know all methods of teleportation

I innately understand all aspects of teleportation

I am gifted with optimal proficcency in teleportation

I teleport with good intentions

I teleport with love at all times

I teleport with intuition

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Thank You for your caution, I appreciate it. Yes, I understand people have "lost their mind" by doing this incorrectly (ie. Nicola Tesla and Albert Einstein teleportation experiment) As always I absorb the concept and start of with small exercises/ experiments; then re-evaluate.  So far Electrokinesis, Pyrokinesis (this was already naturally apparent though, because fire is admired in my native culture; I grew up with that connection to it.Psychic Intuition/clairaudience-> connected as a child; Lucid Dreaming -> already acquired as a child, Psychic Tools -->have done Dream Interpretation for others since before I knew what it was (prbly in early grade school). I can also control the weather, sun specifically (my connection to fire I channel the Sun's energy). I've noticed I hear sound uniquely from other people; I can understand a lot of information from sound and its not physical things; It's more mental feelings like getting visions- Its hard to explain in words. I definitely agree that this is an advanced level skill and I will train at a mentally-strong state. 

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