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What kind of results have people had on romance?

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I was wondering. Has anyone manifested actors or models? Or their ideal perfect physique and personality? Anyone had intense love at first sight with their dream lover? Crazy sort of stuff. 


I have manifested overall interest so far but nothing completely magical. Just curious. 

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More dates, wealthy men (not millionaires but still yes men with more money than guys I date usually have) and a casual guy who looks exactly like my dream guy.  (Though I think that's ended now cos he wants it to stay casual & I don't.) 

These are things from the vids & also when I did ex back (the first video) ex didn't come back yet but other guys started to come out of the woodwork from ages ago, even months  ago.  

So I want different things now from before but that's what has happened so far :-) 

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