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I Want Perfect Breasts

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Ok so I never Thought I'd say this!!


And I'm not embarrassed, at all, Here is my story!

I've always had medium sized perky breasts, hot body to match. not skinny not fat, I felt healthy and sexy.


So since my break up, I guess I've been a bit stressed, and noticed my bra was too big, so are all my clothes, I've shrunk all over. :wacko:


Not happy, with the breasts shrinking , but I'm going to try the Perfect Breasts Video for a while. And another Sexy Body one(not sure yet.). Bikini Body Is My Choice :D


I'll get back with how I'm travelling in a few weeks. This will be good ..



( . )( .) 

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You already are sexy, and so is everyone. Being hot is knowing you're hot, and loving yourself completely. I know a girl that is physically hot but is also extremely insecure about her body and not all that happy. You'd feel a lot better listening to a self love video and also attract plenty of male attention at the same time. 


Just my .02

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Yes I am dealing with self esteem issues atm... thanks for you for making me smile, :)

  when a woman looses weight, they tend loose it in there breasts first. pain really when you have to buy bras to fit. :o

anyhow, I have put a bit of weight back on, and tits looking good.. :P

I've never really been the type to say stuff about my body, I always been happy with my image...

 But while there a video for perfect breasts, it certainly beats getting fake ones. :huh:

Any way.. Talk soon about... what ever ! :)

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