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I'm surprised nobody else has asked for this yet as it's an obvious one and so many people have an interest in this.


There are ones available such as Jam Z and Blackeroni but as nobody makes these as good as Mind Persuasion a Martial Arts one would be amazing.


Existing affirmations out there have been diverse and effective


I am increasingly developing proper form, speed and power in my techniques


My reflexes and coordination are becoming faster and better as my techniques become more automatic


My ability to fight is getting better and will continue to get better every day


I focus my energy on sports improvement and attain my peak ability


There is an obvious crossover with existing MP vids on physical and personal development, as well as the new chakra ones

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Hey Byakko! 


George already has one up it's called "One Man Army" & "One Woman Army" is sounds like exactly what you want (although it doesn't have the exact affirmations you've suggested here.) Check it out! 

I always encourage 360 degree manifestation approach; meaning to further develop aspects of the self that would not only make this manifest but in a healthy and balanced way. These are just some personal suggestions; feel free to utilize the tips that seem relevant to you. 


For Skill Improvement I would suggest:



MMA (more for wrestling but some affirmations completely apply to this!) [search 'steel' in blogs it's the only way it will pop up as a search result]

Parkour God

Super Coordination


For Physical Improvement these would work:



Power Core

Vertical Leap 


Super Speed

Super Powers

Frame Control

Massive Flexibility

Athletic Domination

Testosterone Factory 

Increased Muscle Mass


I was always taught that Martial Arts is equally about mental control of "chi" energy as well as physical control over movement. Make sure that your also Mentally balanced and strong. Some affirmation tracks that would assist in this would be. 


Heart Chakra

Self Discipline

Decisive Action

Easy Meditation

Mental Toughness

Courage & Bravery 

Rock Solid Patience 

Positive Mind Control 

Master Your Emotions



To make the affirmations "stick" to your subconscious successfully. The following will work:




Trance Machine

Continuous Growth 

*The one that has worked best for me every single time is "Instant Affirmations". I actually listen to it before I listen to any track because the results are magnified and growth is exponential (I've found that it's definitely the most powerful 'priming' tool) 


Make sure you energy levels are boundless. Here are some that would assist in this: 


Flow State

Power Blast

DNA Activation

Adrenaline Rush 

Universal Energy 


I'm not sure what your using this for whether it is just for a martial arts class or for real-life. If it's in real life then try "Invisibility" because that will give you some time to recharge your energy. "Wizard" also has affirmations about defending/protecting good. 


I love Bruce Lee's method of fighting because it was not even fighting from anger but passionate fluid movement that was both artistic and potent enough to effectively defend. Here check this out (it's a short interview of him explaining this concept) 


Also check out Melody Sheep's remix of Bruce Lee's quotes [ Be Water My Friend :) ] He was such a brilliant fighter because his movements came from passion; the passion to entertain, protect and defend all that he believe in. His fighting came from love and thats why he is so famous; he didn't want to destroy, he lived to create. Seriously check it out; I've find it very inspiring every time I listen to it. :)


Hope this info can be beneficial to you! You will achieve all that you work towards. 


Love Light Limitless 


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Hey Skye,


That's great advice, thanks.


I'm thinking along the lines of a student going to a class working to improve, learn whatever is being taught, be able to perform it well.


The vids you suggest are great and I agree that following this kind of program covering all the bases is a great path.


What is needed, though, is a specific vid to make a martial arts student better, to learn and progress, to the affirmations specific to this subject like there are for other subjects.


There is a lot of good work being done right now and George is at the cutting edge

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