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Dream Body


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Dream Body 

I have a perfect figure 

I have the body of my dreams 

I naturally maintain my dream weight 

I look like a model 

I have the body of a super model 

I have an elegant posture 

I walk with confidence 

I'm toned

I’m slim 

I’m fit 

I have low body fat 

I eat whatever I want and stay slim 

I have a fast metabolism 

I metabolize everything I eat 

I am perfectly healthy 

I won in genetic lottery 

I have curves in all the right places 

I have a 23 inch waist 

I have long, slim legs 

I have a thigh gap 

My stomach is always flat 

My skin is firm and flawless 

My body is sexy 

My body gives me confidence 

I feel comfortable in my body 

My body is breathtaking 

I turn heads wherever I go

I get compliments wherever I go 

My beauty stands out from crowds  

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