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The affirmations to this one is centered around Camping/Surviving in the wild. Feel free to always add more! 


My body can withstand any climate conditions unphased 

My body automatically performs homeostasis in extreme weather

I can walk on ice barefoot

I can walk on fire barefoot

My mind regulates my body temperature 

My skin can be exposed to extreme weather unphased 

My body is impervious to freezing cold temperatures 

My body is impervious to burning hot temperatures 

My body is impervious to temperature constantly maintaining homeostasis

I release the need to wear a jacket in freezing conditions

I release the need to drink water during warm weather

I can effortlessly survive in any environment 

I mentally chose what temperature I experience

My thought power controls how I feel temperature

My mind trumps all physical sensations

I use my Biokinesis ability to aid in my survival.

My mind is natural navigation

My mind is an endless map 

My mind is an innate compass

I can easily read the stars to guide me to my destination

I can remember the subtlety of the places I visit

I innately know how to get to my destination

I utilize my photographic memory to help me survive.

I can survive with minimal resources

I am immortal

I am resourceful

I can naturally know which plants and animals are poisonous. 

I easily find signs that lead me to safety. 

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