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For a limited time, I'm offering ONE free product to each person who can help me with the following:


1) You must have purchased at least one product / membership before.


2) Post a review / testimonial of THAT product here, which I'll use on the other site


3) Send me a link to your posted review, along with your first name and initial, (and your pic if you can,) and which product you'd like (use the forum messaging system)


4) Product must be equal or lesser value of the one you've purchased.


5) Once I verify the review / testimonial, I'll send you a link to your free download

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I purchased "lifetime acces unlimited downloads " on http://mindpersuasion.com/videos/ and I'm really satisfied of having done so magnificently ! I found an incredible vastness of useful audio sessions that are helping me a lot since I started using them. Especially those regarding health, relationships and social section ! Also you have access to the forum mindpersuasion.net full of other amazing stuff and lots of friendly people ! And for more George continues to create many other new audios at the speed of light that all "members" can download ! I highly recommend everyone to buy it because you will not regret it !Payment is easy to do and the answer in my case was instantaneous and I could immediately begin downloading and listening to the sound ! Really , this product is amazing . If you decide to buy it I assure you that you will be fully satisfied with your choice !I wish you a resplendent life ! Regards Roberto !

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Utilizing the Mind Persuasion videos created by George Hutton has positively changed my life! i am so pleased and grateful to have found such a wonderful resource. From manifesting luck, health and multiple talents. It is both a potent and diverse personal development tool. Somethings I have manifested are winning two raffle contests within a week with the "I am Lucky" hypnosis track. I'm in the best shape of my life, after listening to "Power Core" I finally have my dream Abs! The "Dancing Genius" affirmation track, has allowed me to feel confident in my skills; everyone in my weekly dance class notices the passion and accuracy in my movement. The most amazing fact about the videos that results occur exponentially. George expediently and effectively creates new videos daily.The Mind Persuasion forums and blogs is a great community of intellectuals who have offered such valuable tips about the process of reprogramming the subconscious.The "lifetime access unlimited downloads" has been the best buy in my entire life; most definitely worth the price! Go ahead and open the door to manifesting!


Love, Light, Limitless


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WOW! What can I say. Becoming a member of Mind Persuasion ( http://mindpersuasion.com/videos/ )was one of my best decisions. At first, I was skeptical about results because I have used many hypnosis and.or subliminal programs in the past for a a variety of changes I wanted to make. What's so amazing is that George has created literally 100's of hypnosis videos to listen to for every area of life. My favorites are Wealthy Men, Romantic Dates, Money Mindset, Stunning Beauty, Raining Men and Irresistible. Each time I listen to any of these, within a one or few days results have occurred such as receiving payments through my business (one was for $1500!), men taking me on romantic dates and giving me gifts (this happened twice in the same week with two different men!), men coming out of the woodwork expressing interest in, people complimenting me on my appearance and much more. I have a few more favorites that I have discovered recently. My list keeps growing thanks to all the awesome videos that are created each day. Highly recommended!



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Yes, any product is fine (including a membership here). Post any reviews in this thread. (Even if you've already posted in somewhere else). At this time, I don't have a list of future products.


As soon as you post the review here, send me a PM with a link to the review and the product you'd like.

Hi George, once I PM you with the product I'd like, how long would it take to recieve?

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From the start of 2014, I was still in a confusing  path and not knowing which steps to take

I was unsure if, George products were legit or not( they looked gimmicky at first glance last year). 


But, I am glad I took the leap of faith because George's material are powerful knowledge.


Little by little the internal dialogue in my mind started to become less and less distracting.


Anxiety greatly reduced and instead motivation to take action sprung.


I originally started with the "Testosterone Factory" hypnosis on YouTube and shifted my mind towards boosting my testosterone.


The TF hypnosis video gave me reasons to boost my testosterone and why I SHOULD CARE about it.


From there on was the starting point of my path to prosperity.


                 to be continued...                  

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So I bou GF generator a month ago and though I haven't gotten a girlfriend yet since I'm feeling out a group of potential females I have to say my life has changed drastically with this program. I am more social and outspoken and people are eager to hear my opinions. I no longer act like an imbecile around women and women chase after me like bees to honey and with that I have become more confident and have more balls to achieve my goals since I know that I don't have to worry about the question if I won't be able to spread my seed in this game of biologcal selection. I highly recommend this along with the alpa generator for anybody tired of being friend-zoned.

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So I brought the Intelligence Accelerator a while back and at first I was a little unsure whether to buy it or not but I did it anyways. I read through the instructions and did some of the exercises and listened to the subliminals and hypnosis. So fast afford a few weeks now I've gotten really smarter IQ is 130, gotten 84% on my algebra test and got 78% on my geometry test. Gotten better at all my subjects and it's even easier to learn any information in as little as 10-30 mins. I am so thankful I brought the Intelligence Accelerator and to George for my new found intelligence.

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Thank you so much George for making Intelligence accelerator. I've been using this program for a few months and I can proudly say i've gotten great results from it. In class I am able to remember information more effortless and easily. I've gotten higher grades and written better papers. My favorite exercise is image streaming because it is so simple and gives you great results. I Highly recommend this program to anyone who wants to get smarter.


-play hard

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