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OK this really unbelievable!!! Its very very helpfull!! My goal to the world is create COMPLETE and TOTAL FREDOOM, first in myself! Free from all form of conditioning received during childhood by the sistem, to create a new world where people are complete joy full happy strong and never sad :) and free to create the life they want in armony with the universal order :)

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ideas for a new course

ful nlp course

what you should know about nlp all?who for yourself
step by step and practice strong and easy to learn (simplified)
(I had a bad experience with nlp, some old businessman was fooled me for money
technique with two choices, I lost the will to make money broke my frame, I turned to negative emotions, I even uncler operated,i metal block my self  ,haw da  i resolve whit sc, ... he he lol ;;;
al modul easy steps unconsciously learning
ps: Send me a 1 copy  for an idea for free
What do you think
What you need to know about NLP
who for yourself
and apply
Step by step
(My personal motive that I will not again duped, and I'm not going to con anyone)
nlp not something that can get into my head, somehow unconsciously learn 
you can  to sell more expensive 
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 Just Finished the goal-setting course. I am incredibly impressed! After going through the course exercises I found exactly what was holding me back. It was an internal struggle of wanting to continue to have the pursuit of the goal vs accomplishing my destiny. Once I was able to peel back this hidden struggle through George Hutton's amazing sentence completion exercise. I learnt to break down my goal into small bits. Since starting the course five days ago I've felt more motivated and am accomplishing much more in my life. I have even adopted healthier habits seamlessly. The content is given in such a concise and in mentally-digestible bits. Really is a Foolproof method. 

Ps. Great transition music, It compelled me to dance and feel happier about my goal! :) 

As Always, Thanks George!

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