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Intelligence Accelerator Review: Fun, helpful techniques!


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I've used this program for about a month, not every day though most days I've listened to at least part of and done some of the drills.  OK let me see.  There was a code for this door at a job I went to and at first i thought WOW how I am going to remember that? So I put it on my iphone but then I also used a technique from the Intelligence Accelerator program.  I think I quickly did the technique 3 times.  A week later I still remembered the code.  I think I only needed to use the code once, so it's not like I was programming the code in a lot either which would have reminded me, and I didn't even need to look at my phone.  


I used another technique, with some of the music as well as one of the pieces in the program is one of my favourite pieces of music anyway.  Well, I found that as I did this technique I got more articulate while I was verbalizing things using it.  Including using metaphors.  Like, I know this one is quite corny and this is an early example but at first I said "The stars are twinkling" that turned into "Stars shine like misplaced jewels, seeking the perfect setting."  

Do you see the difference?!  So yes, plus in creativity, definitely!


I felt like my brain was getting a little bit of a work out with the alphabet one, I thought it would be easy but it was more challenging than I thought but kinda fun and I can see how it's good for memory and also making connections with things, in a way it kinda gives you more points of reference.  


I'll keep exploring this but I want to explore the other programs I have too. 


Anyway I really like this program, oh and it's pretty fun too actually.  Including the numbers thing, that's quite funny to do ;-)

Cheeky, funny and helpful, actually.  Numbers one is helpful for shopping lists too.  I just need to buy a few things at the supermarket but anyway yes sometimes I HAVE gone home & then had to go back cos I forgot something but I did use a technique a few times to help me remember the main things I get from there and it's a bit quicker cos I don't have to try to think, now what do I need next?  I used the technique about 2 or 3 times on the train home before I went in, it's pretty quick to do. 


Also, as part of what I currently do for work does involve memory, I just find it reassuring having this program and also the memory subliminals and genius subliminals George Hutton has, to have these tools at my disposal!  That even makes me feel a little bit more confident. 


Anyway, that's my review.  

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Yes I have also purchased Intelligence Accelerator since intelligence is a pre-requisite in my profession. I've read the book but am guilty of not putting it to practice. Will be going through the drills and the hypnosis sessions for the entire month. 


George and athena, one question - for the image streaming exercise do I have to say whatever comes to mind out loud or is it okay to write it down on a piece of paper?

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It's crucial that you say it out loud, rather than writing it down. Keep your eyes closed, and keep talking as fast as you can, and be sure to FOLLOW the images. Don't try and create them or guide them. Follow them wherever they go, however they change, and describe them OUT LOUD.


Imagine there's some artist sitting next you and he's painting a picture based only on your words. You want that imaginary artist's picture to match your internal images as closely as possible.


Use as specific language as you can. Colors, movement, specific sizes, shapes, dimensions, orientation, etc.


One half of the brain MAKES internal images, and the other half MAKES verbal language. When you use your spoken language to describe your internal images, you'll be using one half of your brain to describe what you see based on the other half, which will create neural connections between the two hemispheres.

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