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Pattern interrupt an Anchor


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I’ve noticed in ordinary conversation at work ppl with no NLP experience will naturally anchor certain aspects onto certain listeners. For instance they will hold eye contact with someone they are comfortable with for the majority of the time.

Now if the person ends their points by anchoring negative points such as by pointing at you or in your direction or looking in your direction at that point in time all of which non verbally indicate that you are the negative one of the group (at least according to their unconscious), how do you counter this?

For instance, weather conversation is occurring, person says, yeah the rain sucks & points in your direction.

Like I said I believe ppl with no training naturally do this. & that can be very unfair to ppl who are trying to do good. 

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11 hours ago, Coast said:

Like I said I believe ppl with no training naturally do this.


NLP is something that is engineered from naturally persuasive people.

And someone who is naturally persuasive can use these "techniques" (even if they don't really know they are using them) for their own benefit.

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