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Guest Johnbrœjj

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Guest Johnbrœjj



I am clever and witty

I have a sharp sense of wit

I am funny

I am incredibly humorous

I always look for humour in any situation

I enjoy entertaining people

I have excellent communication skills

I am incredibly charismatic and persuasive

I can laugh at any situation

I lighten people's days

I am quick witted and hilarious

I lighten people's days

People enjoy my presence

It feels great to make others laugh

I am naturally funny

I use my humour sparingly and intelligently

I have a great sense of humour

Coming up with funny things to say is easy for me

My humour is incredibly creative

I make people feel happy

I make people laugh

I express myself with ease

I naturally start conversations

I love cracking a good joke at the perfect moment

I make up humorous jokes on the spot

I always find humour in everything

I always remain cool and calm

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