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What about when you want most of what is described but not all?


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Bit of a weird question, maybe. 

What if you listen to a video in which you want MOST of the things in the affirmations but not all of them. 

For e.g. the high value women one, some of my tastes physically are different but I want most of what is in the video but not all.  Ditto the face fat one someone has asked for, I want that but of course I don't want to be a "handsome man" but every other affirmation I want it too.

Is it kind of that I will attract the bits I DO want and AM a match to?  And because I don't want the other things my subconscious will ignore that part?  


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Handsome man is an interesting one. You can obviously tell your subconscious that handsome = beautiful, but for reframing man to woman... that might do weird things for you, Haha. 



For me, writing things down is an easy way to communicate with the subconscious. You know, when you take notes for something, you tend to remember it better? Same concept here. Affirmations are just how your subconscious mind perceives things. For example, I wrote down "I am powerfully confident, I am unstoppable", etc. are self love affirmations, instead of what my subconscious perceived it to be - which was acting more like a certain guy I knew. So when I listened to the hypnosis I just focused on massive self love and that's more of what I turned into. 


I do not believe you can just throw the affirmation away, simply because you're soaking everything in while you're on a trance state. It's like programming yourself the way you like it and everything goes in, but it's worth a try to write it down and tell your subconscious to DISCARD the affirmation, and see what happens?

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One way around any affirmations you don't want is to simply redefine them.


Spend some time reading through the statements, and any that don't strike you as "congruent" with what you want, simply change the meaning of them, as you understand them.




You can give yourself the intention beforehand of choosing what you want, and telling your subconscious to "only accept the affirmations that support my intention."


It's kind of like many of the "fear busting" techniques in NLP. If somebody is scared of snakes, you can remove the fear of MOST snakes, but leave a natural fear of poisonous snakes.

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