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Face Fat


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Hi, George!


You know, we have around here audios about losing weight, but I think it would be very cool to have one that talks directly about face fat. Something that makes chubby cheeks thinner and make the face slimmer to people that tend to have a lot of facial fat. And also that make the face muscles stronger. Something like:


- My face looks thin and beautiful

- My cheaks are strong and firm

- My facial muscles get atronger and stronger

- My face is perfectly proportional to my body

- My face muscles make it beautiful

- I have supermodel cheaks

- I'm a handsome man with a firm and gorgeous slim face

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I don't effing believe it!

This is EXACTLY what I want to manifest too!

(Except I am a woman)

I want to lose weight but mostly in my face as I am finally in love with my curves plus some people find them very sexy (YES!) 

So it's mostly in my face.  I want oh my gosh supermodel cheeks yes please!  Gorgeous slim face.  Thin, beautiful face, yes please.

I want a heart shaped face, that tapers.  A firmer chin & neck too.  Some women are big beautiful women.  Me, I suit curves on the body 

but when my face gets too chubby for ME it detracts from my beauty & I look worse in photos too.

I hope seeing this here this is a sign I'm lining up with this.

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