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Hi George, 
Although, I know there are a couple of videos which touch on this topic already (e.g., "Bring Them Back" and "Dream Girl"), I'm looking for something a bit more specific. I have had a huge crush on a particular woman for a number of years. Recently, she has reentered my life. However, thing are very platonic and she remains rather aloof. In other words, I have been "friend zoned". I'm wondering if a video / audio might help her warm up to me. It's worth a try I suppose...
Some possible affirmations (to be worded as you see fit (NLP-wise)):
"My crush is falling in love with me"
"My crush now desires me"
"My crush now actively seeks me out"
Thanks in advance and, of course, thank you for all the great videos/audios.
All the best...

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Hey man, just a recommendation. Work on improving yourself instead of pulling her towards you. Why? Because when she's pulled towards you, she won't be the same, so you wouldn't like her as much. When you improve yourself, she's forced to notice you're changing, and you get other women (possibly more attractive ones) giving you attention too, plus you develop yourself into something greater. This way you might just get both her and other women trying to get your attention. 


This happened to me as well, and working on yourself is a win all around. 

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ahh yess the friend zone, a tumultuous place to be indeed...

im glad others are offering constructive advice, i coincide with them and will now contribute with this simple list as there are to many variables and factors in the human arena so here is the most relevant factors...

1.) improve self - conversation, appearance, seduction, sex skill

2.) acquire more resources - money, experience, free time


pay the cost and apply yourself my friend, every second counts...

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Hi everyone,
Thank you for your kind words and advice. :) I agree wholeheartedly and, as such, have been listening to a number of George's sessions on the various topics you have mentioned above (e.g., "Alpha Male", etc). They have already helped so much...
Thanks again (Light, Skye, and tonyztyles)... 

BTW, I just noticed that George has already posted my request. Thanks so much George...  :) 

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